Photo Haiku

A Picture reveals
soft, hard and light: glow there, glow
what words cannot say.

I have this theory about Haiku which is a little obtuse, but basically I like haiku in photos as much as I do in words. I was looking at my friend Tom Daly’s photo blog and saw that he had a nice little photo haiku on Spring yellows and that made me think about my love of things in threes, and my equal love of inference over direct contact both in words and photography. So, here are a few examples, not the greatest quality, but telling nonetheless.

The first is old and one that I called The Emotional Hand Series (I have A LOT of these floating around)




And here is a sort of silly one that was for Charlotte on a Rainy Day:




And Tom’s take on yellow in Spring:




Unfortunately, these are just the one’s that I have access to at work, I will try to remember to pull some better examples from home, but like Haiku, I love the deceptively simple nature of having to pair precisely the right images together to bring something to life. As I have always been relatively terrible at Haiku, but enchanted by the form, I think the photographs are a nice outlet and I love that three simple lines or photographs are so wholly their own long story.

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