Good Night!

We had a great time at Mom’s birthday dinner the other night–she’s crossing into her next decade with grace and charisma, and it was truly a celebration! Drew and I cooked for Mom and Skip and some friends, we had bacon and rosemary stuffed pork (check out the pictures of Drew wrangling the stuffing in below), a white bean, collard and chorizo gratin, roasted red and blue potatoes and a big old salad. It turns out that I would like to celebrate Mom’s birthday all the time, particularly if it means eating chocolate cake every week.

While this might be a sensitive subject, the sentiment stands so I’m going for it–it’s nice that aging today largely means that a majority of the boundaries that are set by age only have to be mental and that our age is more accurately reflected in how young someone feels. I love that I am surrounded by adults who are vibrant and full of life and who, at any age, I always aspire to emulate.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the festivities…




Here we are dancing and doing the dishes:


And, the birthday girl herself:


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