A couple of things…

My brain is scattered this morning, so I am just going to be scattered and bang out a couple of the things that I am thinking of…

I just read My Aunt Vicki’s blog this morning and saw that she wrote that Tony Early, writer and Warren Wilson alum among other things, has a new book out called, The Blue Star. Drew and I both really loved Jim the Boy, the first of these two books, so I will have to run down to the little bookstore below my office today on my lunch break and snag a copy of his latest edition of Jim’s adventures. When Drew finished reading Jim the Boy, he closed the cover, put the book down, and started a list of other men that he wanted to share this book with. Although I don’t think there are any gender limitations in being able to appreciate Tony’s sincere and seemingly simple wisdom, I do hold an even more kindred spot in my heart for such a great author after seeing the twinkle in Drew’s eyes as he gobbled up the story.

What else? I was planning on digging a little plot for the two things that I love most in the summer–lillies and tomatoes–this weekend, but by the time I made it to the hardware store, they were closed, so hopefully I will be able to grab the digging fork that I need on the way home tonight. Although Warren Wilson gave me a lot of planting experience, I have very little planning experience, so I will post pictures in the coming months of my envisioned lilly and tomato extravaganza. Last year we did some container gardening, so we’re hoping to get a little more out of our city growing this year. Mom has a great eye for design, so I will certainly be calling on her for cuttings and suggestions and I have figured out how to make homemade irrigation containers (2 liter bottles with holes drilled in the caps) so that my potted plants on the slate patio don’t just cook from the ground up in the 90 degree temperatures that we’re prone to; hopefully this will be a successful year for us!

Drew is still plugging away in the hospital working his long hours on the weekend (although he did have a little respite this past weekend). He submitted his application for employment to the UVA hospital this past week and they have already called to schedule and interview for him for the Intensive Care Unit, so that’s really exciting! Drew has done so well in his program (a number of his professors have gone out their way to tell me that he is truly the stand out in his class), so his achievements combined with his goodness make us all feel really confident that he will get the placement that he wants. Looking like this, he should be just fine:

Those are some thoughts for the day! 🙂

One thought on “A couple of things…

  1. so good to hear good things from the Walton house. We’ll be waiting patiently to hear some good news on the job front. I’m sure it is wonderful to hear good things about Drew from others; even if you know it already, it is nice to see that you aren’t just blinded by love, isn’t it?

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