March is all Lions and Lambs

I could smell the dirt outside this morning. It’s in the 60s but clammy from the rain, and when I walked out the front door the rain was waking up this warm day and I could smell the dirt as I got in the car to head to the Dentist. We have found a great dentist, largely characterized by his excellent staff. Our Hygenist, Arlene, has short spiky silver hair, coral lipstick, an extreme, almost sadist affinity for dental health care, and a passion for the rain. She said that every day she wakes up and asks for rain to help end the drought and get her ground ready for some tomatoes. As I left the Dentist office and walked to my car, I saw those optimistic daffodils pushing up through the soil and thought about Arlene and how I need to love these grey days as much as the balmy bright ones that are hanging on the horizon.

Every day I come to work and turn on my computer, and this picture pops up to stay with me through the day:


It reminds me of what I come from and what we’re doing here, and all of that green and bright sun has carried me through the winter. Yesterday was Daddy’s birthday, so it seems fitting to put a picture of our farm here as a shout out to him and as an homage to all of the green that the rain is bringing in. Have I mentioned that I love the Spring? I love the Spring.

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