tid bits from the last couple of days…

Ahhh, another Monday. It is heavenly today–really it was lovely all weekend. I cannot help but feel my fingers tighten as I cross them in hopes that March is bringing an early Spring, warm weather and frost-free blooms with it this year. Mom and I went for a long walk this weekend and after went to buy a new plant for the living room. When we got our cats last year, they immediately fell in love with the corn plant in our living room, and I’m afraid that it has never quite recovered from their attacks. I’ve sent it to the hospital (Mom’s green house, tended by her green thumb) to see if it will shed its brown tips in favor of green growth, and filled its empty space with a big green palm-like plant (I’m not home now, but I think it might be a Parlor Palm?). Of course we could not just stop with one plant and we left with a new bright red Bromeliad, a little peace lilly and philodendron for the kitchen and bathroom, and some little flowering plants to cheer up the living room. I had to start baking an apple pie for some friends that we had over Saturday night, so Mom jumped right in and creatively and expertly re-potted the newest additions to the house. It’s amazing how much just a few extra spots of green can brighten up the house and alternately make it more cozy. Now it’s on to the yard!

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