The Circus is coming!

The French Canadian grown-up circus that is! The minutes are easing by at the requisite snail’s pace this fine Fri Day…I feel like a little kid waiting to go to a birthday party, or like an Amelia waiting to go see Cirque De Soleil tonight! Drew and I bought our tickets in early December, and I have been dilligently waiting for the day to arrive, and it’s here! The show is Saltimbanco which I know centers around “the urban experience in all its forms”. I remember from the one that Mom and Skip took me too in Vegas that I couldn’t really follow the story line that seemed to be imbedded in the acts, but it didn’t matter because the show is so visually stunning. To give the slowly ticking clock a hand, I have found some pictures and a video to put up here so that I can do a little daydreaming between now and the 5:00 whistle.



and, to watch:

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