While in NC this past weekend, Uncle John introduced me to a website called which has just increased my ability to waste significant amounts of time on the internet by an impressive degree.  So far I have learned about people that shape trees into topiaries, found a site that will show the real time birth and death rates and the CO2 consumption of any country in the world, and a link to an artists street work.  Good stuff.  In an effort to reign myself in and not have my work begin to wane, I am restraining myself and only "stumbling" a couple of times a day.  The gist of the site is that you choose from a fairly extensive list of interests, install a button on your toolbar and then voila! it generates one website at a time that relates to your interests that one might never find otherwise.  The one that I came across this morning that kind of blows my mind is just a site with these pictures:






AHHHMAZING.  I get it, I’ve always known that the earth is a spec in the solar system, but this perspective just blows me away because I’ve never seen it that way.  So when I was worrying about the internet last week, I was not taking these moments of awareness in account.  This makes my pending decision about what to have for lunch today look like small fries, so to speak.  Happy Hunting! 

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