Furniture sale…I mean, President’s Day!

Well, my plan for the Monday update was to put up pictures from Jack’s 1st birthday this past weekend, but that will have to wait until I get home to my camera and have my slippers on. Work is busy. However, I did hear a pretty hysterical commentary on the radio this morning about how holidays like President’s Day have become increasingly more about car and furniture sales than about remembering presidents past. So, for your reading enjoyment and in the name of all things procrastination, I am taking my lunch break to provide you with some President’s Day activities. First, I present you with the riveting Lincoln Word Search. If that leaves you unsatisfied, you can spend some time Memorizing all of the presidents using an amusing and odd “memory tool” and if it would help you to remember all of the presidents even further, definitely print out these pages and color the presidents in. While seeming very childish, this might be a great chance to take out any latent frustration that you might feel on presidents past (or current) and additionally provides a chance to break out the old crayon box, which is always a thrill. Happy Day!

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