Dog’s Life

Our friends Katie and Tom are jet setting to the tropics (smart kids) so we have the good fortune of taking care of their dog Henry for a couple of days. Henry is a 7 month old (mostly) black lab and he is reminding us of what puppy energy is truly all about. He has an earnest lab face that I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures of, and Grace is doing as good of a job as she can with sharing space and affection!
We’ve had unseasonably warm weather these last couple of days, although the it appears that we’re headed back to more February-like temperatures in the next couple of days. Although the environmental implications aren’t that great, I certainly wouldn’t mind a winter of spring. I did catch sight of some forsythia starting to push out some buds this morning which brightened my day a little!

Here’s Grace smiling up for the camera

Henry’s a hard guy to catch, so here he is playing with his chewie in the living room


Two tired dogs snoozing under the table.

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