“For when the wine is in, the wit is out.”

Here are some pictures from the mini vineyard tour we did this past weekend. It was all ladies and we were shuttled to three vineyards (we ambitiously started the day thinking that we might make it to five.) that are, essentially, in Charlottesville’s back yard. We went to Oakencroft Vineayrd, Whitehall Vineyard, and King Family Vineyard. Most of the pictures are from King Family Vineyard. We were fortunate to have chosen what turned out to be a warm and sunny day and the wines were quite the experience. It’s amazing how much you can like and sincerely dislike wines when they’re paired side by side. For the most part, they were all surprising and interesting, although there were a few that passed the lips and then quickly hit the spit bucket. Learning about all of the wines is always a highlight, but I think that our favorite part of the day was lounging in the sun at the last vineyard with a bottle of wine and that rare Saturday sensation of knowing that there’s no other place to be.

The van that carried us around:


Antlers are apparently very important in a Virginia Vineyard motif:

These are some of the ladies that I work with. Katie (on the left) was attempting to teach us how to pose for pictures. I failed this portion of the exam.




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