Wintery Mix

So…the powers that be are threatening us with gross weather, but my internal barometer suspects that milk and loaves are leaving the shelves in vain. I would love to be wrong and would even risk being unprepared if it would will a good, epic even, snow storm into existence, but for now we will settle for the very unsettling prospect of a wintery mix. A friend just pointed out that that we should take on making a wintery mix and I am currently reading a book called, Love is a Mixed Tape so it seems fitting that I should put my most recent mix here. There was a theme in mind, as there always has to be, so pardon any redundancy. There’s a chance that I’m going to figure out how to publish this as a list that you can download if you’re so inclined, but that’s something I will have to do from home as an inbox of client e-mails is woefully calling my name. Happy Tuesday!

The Burden: Volume 2
1. Since I Fell for You-Dinah Washington
2. Beautiful-Aimee Mann
3. The Night They Drove Ole Dixie Down-The Band
4. All I Want is You-Barry Louis Polisar
5. Sundress-Ben Kweller
6. She’s Always a Woman to Me-Billy Joel
7. All I Really Want to do-Bob Dylan
8. Let’s Get out of Here-Broken Social Scene
9. Till the End of Time-Devotchka
10. Sea of Love-Cat Power
11. Strangers- Ed Harcourt
12. Pills-Gary Jules
13. Better Man-James Morrison
14. Pavement Puddle Stars-Jason Collett
15. Crazy in Love-The Magic Numbers
16. We Gathered in Spring-Midlake
17. Dimming of the Day-Bonnie Raitt

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