Kum By Ya

Ok, so those that know me well, and perhaps not so well know that I’m a fiend for cheese in my life…both of the stinky or creamy persuasion and also of the campfire-bad pun-corniness variety. There is a part of my brain that naturally heads in that direction even if I don’t always approve. Given that, I came across a website today called Learning to Love you More that is sort of similar to the “For this I Believe” and archival projects that NPR has been running. It was started by two artists that, if I understand correctly, want to share the work at the Whitney. Basically it’s a series of assignments that people can follow and submit to website. Given my nosey-nanny southern nature, I admit that I enjoy reading others completed “assignments” more than I am compelled to do my own, but I like the concept and the provocative nature of it. Some of the assignments are introspective, some require public action, some involve pictures. The thing that I like most (well second to the snooping that I just mentioned) is that even without completing any of the assignments, I started to think about them which occupied a more interesting space in my brain than a lot of the nonsense that I spend my day thinking about. Check it out, see what you think!

And in unrelated news…
I just got the Ed Harcourt album, Strangers, yesterday and can’t get enough. He reminds me a little of Jeff Tweedy and Rufus Wainwright, but of course he’s got his own thing going on. Check it out!

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