neat things.

So we headed to NC this weekend to catch up with everyone and have a baby shower for Winborne, Josh and their baby girl who might be coming into the world anytime in the coming weeks. Winborne is, of course, a stunning mama-to-be and thinking about the shower got me looking for unusual or unique baby gifts. I came across this alphabet poster locally and some further reading led me to their website which I am a little bit in love with. I love the line drawings and the fact that one of the designers has her son contribute to the artwork for the cards.

Another small obsession of mine centers around things made or cutout of paper and dinggly-dangly business. This website has some of the most incredibly paper artwork I’ve ever seen. This guy, Mister Rob, out of UK is much cheerier and makes me wish that I could jet to across the pond for some paper oogling.

Anyway, as usual, I have paper products on the brain…feel free to share in paper insights/sites that you might know of, and happy Monday!

Oh! Also…if this is even remotely interesting to you, check out: for boatloads of interesting paper stuff.

One thought on “neat things.

  1. I love the paper cut-out websites! Amazing work, I have a hard time with intricate cutting on my snowflakes, so I am envious of the steady hands these artists must have. Much love. Ash

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