It’s almost December

and I haven’t written anything! Perhaps my career in blogging is a little slow to begin, but I am going to do this, I promise. Well, this may come as a bit of a shock, but A LOT has been going on in our world as of late so let me begin at the beginning…

New York City: I went to New York with my good friend Leah for a long weekend away and some adventures at the beginning of the month. Our new friend Jon that plays pedal steel with Ryan Adams was kind enough to put us on the guest list for their show in DC, so we kicked off the adventure in our nation’s capital and then hit the road the next morning on the Hasidic Jewish busline, Vamoose! into the Big Apple. We stayed with friends in Harlem on the same street as the house that the Royal Tennenbaums was filmed in, and following a wacky Halloween evening, we began our adventure…well, slowly. On our first morning we woke up, showered, looked at some tourist propaganda (to avoid being too touristy once we were out the door, of course) grabbed our purses and sunglasses AND…couldn’t get out the front door. That’s right. A car, a bus, and a very long trip on the subway to one of the most fabulous cities in the country and Leah and I were thoroughly locked inside the apartment. I’ll keep the story short, but let’s just say that after two hours, two new friends (whose faces we never actually saw because they were on the other side of the door offering assistance), the gallant efforts of a tiny old man and his pebble of a shoulder, a Super who came in through a precarious fire escape window and a new handle and lock plate, we were FREE! What do two people who have been locked into an apartment all morning do to ease the blow of that cold reality? Head to Little Italy for starch and wine, of course! We spent the rest of that day wandering through SoHo and getting our bearings on 5th avenue, which was not too shabby.

The following day we spent the entire day exploring and went to a little bar that night because Ryan Adams and the band had invited us to this funky old school tiny corner bar to watch David Letterman with them. Kind of a funny request, but they had actually filmed on Letterman earlier in the day and it’s their tradition to go to this bar at check out their own show as it airs. That was a pretty cool experience to watch a band watching themselves and then hang out into the wee hours.

We spent the following day in Brooklyn with one of Leah’s friends from college who recently had a baby. Brooklyn would probably be my area of choice were I ever to live in the city and I loved seeing all of the traditional brownstones and changing maple trees. That afternoon was spent taking in Central Park watching all of the characters that hold down fort there. We spent the following day in the Met for hours. They have an incredibly comprehensive impressionist wing that was as beautiful as it was inspiring and we were able to spend hours just wandering though all of the historical masterpieces. Museum etiquette being what it is, there is a certain undeniable reverence that comes from whispering your way past some of history’s greatest visual story tellers, and I can say that I was truly in awe. Later that day we indulged in melted chocolate hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows and made our way to a very sobering ground zero. 

All in all, New York is wonderful and crazy and too fast and buzzing. I was so happy to go, to briefly day dream about living there and think about more Saturdays spent in the MoMA or wandering by movies being filmed and having constant access to some of the most incredible food in the country, but I am lucky enough to always know that there is nothing sweeter than coming home so it was ultimately just as good to go as it was to leave!

Thanksgiving: We had a delicious and quiet Thanksgiving with Mom and Skip this year. Mom and I cooked Wednesday and Thursday morning and then we all mimicked the bird and stuffed ourselves appropriately. Drew and I spent the following day packing because we’re moving into a…

New House!: As of tomorrow we will have keys in hand and be moving from our current house to a house that’s only about 1/2 a mile away. It’s 3 bedrooms (a guest room for those that are inclined!) and it has a backyard for Grace, a full basement and more space in general! We are really happy to be moving, so everyone cross their fingers for us this Saturday as we load everything in the truck and drive it down the road!

So, that the long of the short of it, I guess! As always, we hope that you’re well! I’m going to post pictures in a bit!

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