Maiden Voyage

Well, this is my very first swipe at a blog…my main intention is to be able to easily keep everyone up to date about our life here in Virginia. We’ll see how it goes, and feel free to give me any feedback. Optimally Drew will set his fingers to the the keys every now and again, but I can’t make any promises for the old boy.

Today is absolutely beautiful outside: cool temperatures, bright blue sky, an afternoon of promise. I will admit that these are the days when it’s hard to have a sidewalk instead of a garden in front of our house, but maybe I’ll give a little extra TLC to our small collection of T’s the tomatoes in their big pot by the front door. Tom, Tina, Tiffany, Tad, Ted…we’ve been naming all of our meeger little harvest for kicks.

Last weekend was our championship game for our Summer Adult Kickball league. This is serious business, folks! In true Cinderella fashion, we’ve spent the summer slowly and painfully moving, one beer at a time, from the last spot in the league to fighting to the death for the championship title. Last Sunday, after three games in 90 degree weather that changed from grueling sun to ominous clouds and a light drizzle, we gave the oposing team an easy run and lost by one point in the bottom of the seventh. But as the old Gould’s Mustard ads used to say, “Second place, and that aint bad”. Having never been much a fan of baseball (beyond its useful metaphors) I’ve had a lot of catching up to do. Apparently jumping around with excitement over catching a ball in the outfield is not all there is to it. Anyway, here’s our motley crew: Beerpongsmall
Some of us were missing from the photo, so our friend Tom very generously photoshopped the rest of us in.

It’s labor day on Monday, which I was about to write that I knew nothing about, but that was embarassing, so I have since done a little research and if you would like to know all that I know about Labor Day you should click this link. See, this blog stuff isn’t too intimidating…except for the lack of a spell check, so please pardon any blaring errors until I figure that one out.
Sending out our love!

One thought on “Maiden Voyage

  1. Amelia – this will be great! I love the picture. Your head is just kind of floating out there next to Drew; and he is pointing at you with a look that says, “I can’t take here anywhere!”

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